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Watercolors by Lisilinka

Metallic watercolors are vibrant and shimmering watercolors that create a stunning, eye-catching effect. These colors come in a variety of shades, from pastels to deep jewel tones. They have a unique, metallic finish that adds extra shine and luster to paintings and drawings. Metallic watercolors are perfect for adding a unique, shimmery look to both traditional and modern artwork. They are a great choice for creating a bold, standout piece of art. With their vibrant colors and shimmering finish, they are sure to make any painting stand out.

- metallic watercolors, 100% handmade in Germany

- very high pigment density -> fully covering on white and black paper with one brushstroke

- lightfast

- no fixation needed

- Lisi uses them in all her drawings

- adding 2-3 drops of water

- waiting 2-3 minutes until color pigments start to dissolve

- use a brush or a calligraphy nib to draw or write

Yes, after activating the color sufficiently, they can be used for handlettering and calligraphy with a nib.

- hexagon pans have a custom size with a volume of appr. 2,5ml

- with topping it is around 3ml

- common half pan sizes are 1.8-2ml with up to 2.1-2.3 ml fully topped

- the hexagon pans hold around 30% more paint than a standard half pan

- the colors will be sent in customized boxes to protect them against dust and moisture

- make sure to let a freshly used pan dry before closing the box

- avoid storing the box under too warm conditions (don't put pans and/ or the box into the oven to dry it quicker)

- avoid too long exposure to direct sun (the box is made of UV resistant resin but may darken over time)

- the color is made of color pigments, water, gum arabicum, glycerine, glucose, fructose and potassium sorbat

- No, the color is not harmful

- color pigments are mainly cosmetic grade or metallic pigments for resin casts (I'm frequently checking supplier information, I dont use microplastics)

- all other components are used in the food industry and used with food grade purity

- the colors may have a sweet odor and must be kept away from small children since they may choke on it

Yes, the colors are 100% vegan

Lisi uses colors like Crystal Gold, -Silver, -Rose for more than two years and could not see any change in her pictures over time, even on locations exposed to the sun (that is where metallic watercolors shine the most at the end :)). However since we are continously looking for new pigments from different suppliers creating a wider spectrum of shades, we can't confirm that all pigments are lightfast.

Please contact me via or reach out to me on Instagram (@lisilinka)

Holo is short for holographic and means i did add pigments which are reflecting/ scattering the entire range of colors in the visible light.

The crystal colors contain the color pigments exlusively.

For example: Crystal gold has a beautiful golden sparke. Holo Gold however sparkles in gold and with rainbow effect.

Down below you can see two videos of a customer review which show the differences nicely! Thank you Petra :)!