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Indian Summer

The box contains the colors "Pear", "Golden Leaves", "Chestnut", "Fox", "Berry", "Forest" and "Morning Dew"

  • Handmade metallic watercolors with intense sparkle

  • The color Morning Dew contains holographic pigments

  • Very fine pigments and high pigment density

  • High opacity on white and black paper

  • Fast to activate with a few drops of water and easy to use

  • Custom hexagon-pans (20-30% more volume than regular half pans)

  • The colors come in an acrylic storage box

  • No fixation needed after painting

  • Pear  - a warm light green shade with golden sparkle

    Golden Leaves - a glittering yellow-gold which reminds of changing leaves

    Chestnuta warm bronze color

    Foxan intensive red with golden sparkle

    Berrya vibrant magenta

    Foresta strong teal color you can find in dark spruce forests

    Morning Dew - the center color, a grayish purple with holographic sparkle