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Make a Wish

Christmas is coming to Lisilinka with the holographic colors "Shimmering Snow", "Candy Cane" and "Evergreen"

  • Handmade metallic watercolors with intense holo sparkle

  • Very fine pigments and high pigment density

  • High opacity on white and black paper,

  • Fast to activate with a few drops of water and easy to use

  • Custom hexagon-pans (20-30% more volume than regular half pans)

  • The colors come in an acrylic storage box

  • No fixation needed after painting

  • Shimmering Snow - is a light white-gold-slightly blue color shifting shade which reminds me with its rainbow shimmer of fresh fallen snow under streetlights on an evening walk.
    Candy Cane - I just love the candied apples on a German Christmas market. The red of Candy Cane reminds me of that and the rainbow sparkles look like reflections of the Christmas lights.
    Evergreen - represents the typical green of Christmas season and should not be missing. 

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